Wolf Moon: A Kelly Grazi Novel

  “Hi. My name is Grazi Kelly. There are things I know are true and things that I never would have guessed. First, demons and witches exist and they are evil. Second, the world is up for grabs and the witches are getting their minions ready. Third, I’m a werewolf and it’s my job to stop them.”
High school sophomore Grazi Kelly leads an ordinary life in the suburbs of New Jersey helping her grandmother with chores and attending Catholic school. Things are pretty good except for her bullying cousin and the rest of the obnoxious cheer team. Then things take a frightening turn when the night of the full moon arrives and the bodies start piling up. Grazi learns that she is different in ways she never expected. She finds herself torn between Sebastian, the school soccer star and Ronan, a foreign exchange student who shares her secret. She must uncover the identity behind the mysterious attacker, but is she ready for the entire truth?

This book was perfect until Ronan showed up. I liked the pace and the plot. Grazi was funny and relatable and I liked Angela a lot as well. It’s also a pretty cool idea that these werewolves are protecting the church instead of being hunted by them, and as far as I know that’s also very original However, I had some problems with Ronan. He’s usually not a bad character. In fact, I’m glad they introduced another teenage werewolf and not just because it creates a love triangle. He’s also someone that Grazi can fully relate to and turn to.

But Ronan’s weird.

His character can be inconsistent. A lot of the time he acts and talks like a normal teenage boy. But there are times when he’s completely formal, as if he belongs to another century, and that’s never really addressed. It annoyed me. Grazi can also be annoying when she’s around him, like when she blamed herself for things that happened before she was born and had to apologize to Ronan because she made Ronan tell her. She deserved to know since it was her past and she shouldn’t feel sorry that she asked him about it, nor should she have a huge inner monologue about how she’s a terrible person. This is one of the few instances where Ronan has more common sense than Grazi and he’s as perplexed as I was about why she had to apologize. So I’m definitely rooting for Sebby in this book.

Any fans of Twilight and teenage supernatural romance in general will love this great story.

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Winter Arrives by Roz Marshall

Winter-Arrives_Roz-Marshall Winter Arrives  by Roz Marshall is the first installment about a ski school in Scotland. When Jude’s husband decides to ditch her for the winter just as skiing season is starting, she barely keeps from panicking. Jude has next to no experience managing a ski resort and needs help. Jude needs a manager who actually knows what they’re doing, and five more instructors by next Tuesday. Luckily, Mike, a wandering ski instructor, is willing to help out.

Even though Mike planned to stay for only a few weeks to ski for the first time in Scotland, and he had only been planning to work at White Cairns for a few weeks, he agrees to stay for the season when Jude’s husband leaves her hanging. With his help, they are able to hire six new instructors for the season, and Jude gets enough confidence to fax a proposal to a private school looking for ski lessons, and gets a new major client. Even though the school is facing bankruptcy and the owner is away, Jude has hope of making it all work as the snow starts to fall.

I liked this story. It was quick and entertaining. It played out in my head like a movie, especially the part where the new ski instructors were introduced. There was plenty of showing and not a lot of telling, which I prefer, and for the most part the characters were interesting. There were a few things that were predictable though, like when they were choosing the new ski instructors. It was obvious that Debbie, the girl with self-confidence issues was going to be picked, and that Pamela was going to get cut. I also figured that Colin wasn’t going to be gone for good. And, considering that this is the first installment of a series, I think there is a little too much development of the sexual tension and relationships. There’s not a lot of guessing as to who is going to end up with whom.

But I liked it for what it is– an entertaining read. I would even be willing to look into the sequels to see how it all plays out.  I think this is a good book for anyone who likes dramas, and I think teenagers would enjoy this book, especially those in favor of Glee, Degrassi, and Gossip Girl (if you’re looking for ways to get your kid to read more ;))

(Netgalley Advanced Copy) Don’t Even Think About It

1379536238000-don-t-Even-think-about-itHave you ever wished you knew what people were thinking? How about those moments when you’re really grateful that no one can read your mind? I know I’ve had both of those moments. Many times.

Well, in Don’t Even Think About It by Sarah Mylnosky, almost an entire homeroom (with the exception of two people)  gets the ability to read minds when they’re injected with an impure flu vaccination. And as the secrets come out, a lot of shit hits the fan, like when everyone knows Mckenzie cheated on Cooper, and Tess has a crush on her best friend. And no one wants to read the mind of B.J., who has a perverted sense of humor and is not at all ashamed of it. They must learn how to cope with the mind reading, from shielding their thoughts from their fellow Espies (their self-given nickname) to living with the lies other people tell them, as well as find their own identity while permanently linked to other peoples’ minds.

I thought this was a really well-done book. It was funny with a touch of darkness as the students run into trouble with their new abilities. It also deals with things teenagers go through everyday, like breakups, disappointment, ambition, and parental problems.

I couldn’t put the book down, and read the entire thing in one sitting. The writing is very powerful and I ended up crying at one point, and then started to wonder if one of my friends had ESP (granted, my paranoia was more likely caused by lack of sleep and my own insanity than the book. Actually, just forget I said anything). I’d recommend this book to anyone who has thought at one one point or another, “What if we could read each other’s minds?”

You can find the book here: <a href=”http://www.indiebound.org/book/9780385737388?aff=KaraSkinner”>http://www.indiebound.org/book/</a&gt;

Runaway by Meg Cabot


What teenage girl hasn’t compared herself to the models and actors on TV? What girl hasn’t felt bad about herself at one point or another? But who has ever thought that the glamorous world of Hollywood is all fake? Well, Meg Cabot has.

In Runaway by Meg Cabot, feminist rebel Em Watts is suffering from a brain transplant into the body of Nikki Howard, America’s hottest model. Some may think it’s heaven. Who wouldn’t want to become perfect overnight? But Nikki’s world is far from perfect. Spy-ware is in all of her electronics and she’s tailed constantly, not to mention she was blackmailed into playing Nikki Howard in the first place.

Em must uncover the motive behind Nikki’s supposed death, bring down the organization that ordered it, and protect her family, all the while trying to figure out her relationship with her best friend/ boyfriend, Christopher, and walk down a runway wearing a million-dollar diamond bra on national television.

Cabot keeps a slightly sarcastic, slightly ditzy tone throughout the book as she sends a clear message to girls around the world that they should be happy with who they are and not try to be different. She describes the modeling preparation with painstaking detail, where hours of work are put into one person for every photo shoot (and then they use Photo Shop on top of that). Cabot writes the romance between Em and Christopher with an effortless, carefree style that is purely her own.

Runaway, the third book in the Airhead trilogy, is perfect for any girl (feminist or girly) looking for a thrilling but light book with a tone with the girlish sense of teenage romance.

Dreams, Teens, and Mysterious Happenings:Brightest Kind of Darkness by P.T. Michelle

All Nara wants is a surprise for once in her life. After all, when you dream your own future every single night, there’s little that can surprise you, which is how she can be a star soccer goalie, and get straight A’s without practicing or studying. That all changed when she called in a bomb in the early morning and then accidentally touched a super cute bad boy who had just moved there. Then her dreams were gone when she needed them most- when people at her school were getting injured because Fate was getting even.

That’s right- Fate gets pissed off when you mess with him (yeah, it’s a him).

Now Nara has to fight Fate and keep it from killing her with the help of Ethan- the super cute bad boy, etc., etc. Ethan, by the way, is cursed himself, first with absorbing negativity, then a strange tattoo that magically adds detail to itself.

Brightest Kind of Darkness is a quick and light read that’s great for a teenage girl who loves fantasy and, of course, romance.