(Netgally Review Copy) Bobby Ether and the Academy

Bobby Ether didn’t know there was anything special about him until right before his life went to Hell, when he made an impossible shot in the last few minutes of his middle school basketball game. Then he was taken by a woman named Cassandra who was supposedly there to protect him. When he escaped, he found himself in the safety of a place in China ¬†for gifted individuals called the Academy, where the Headmistress told him his parents had died in a car accident arranged by Cassandra. Bobby enrolls into the Academy, determined to avenge his parents. But soon it is evident that the Academy isn’t all that it seems, and he begins to wonder how safe he is there.

I chose this book from Netgalley because the description sounded really cool, and I was hoping the interesting adventure-promising blurb had more validity than the rather boring cover. However, it took a little persevering for me to really enjoy this book. I mean, I’m all for action-filled beginnings, but there was so much action in the first part of the story, that I couldn’t really get any sympathy for Bobby, not even after his parents died. Then after the action is gone, the story drags a little and it was still hard for me to like Bobby. It wasn’t until he befriended Jinx that I got any real interest for the storyline. However, after that, it’s all awesome adolescent-fantasy-adventure. Jinx is cool in his own nerdy way, and Bobby liking him finally lets me see him as a likable character. The storyline after that gets better as we see that something shady is going on behind the scenes of the Academy and has been for years, and after the great cliffhanger ending, I would definitely read a sequel. So, if this genre is your cup of tea, and you have the ability to power through the beginning, then I definitely recommend it.

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