23 BookWorm Problems You Can Relate To

  1. When you need to go to the bathroom, but you’re comfortable and at a really good part in the book.
  2. When your friends are like “Why do you read so much?”we-are-not-friends
  3. That moment when you know how the entire plot will play out by the second chapter.
  4. When you’re in a public place and you’re at a really emotional scene6d5c35f4372d1307bfdcec8c600cf2ab7a05198f6faac0eb0b9a276cbcd80be3
  5. Those times when you have to put down the book to work, or sleep, or clean.
  6. Book Hangovers. Enough said. book-hangover
  7. When you finish all of the published books and you need to wait a year before the next one comes out.
  8. When you read a really sad book and you feel depressed for like a month after that.
  9.  When friends invite you out to dinner but all you want to do is read a book and eat your leftover pizza.10-01-mean-girls-gif
  10. When you’ve read your new favorite book but you can’t talk about it because none of your friends have read it.
  11. The endless search for the Perfect Reading Positiondsc_1695
  12. Choosing which books on your shelves to get rid of (when you want to buy more books)
  13. Bills getting in the way of your book-shopping addiction
  14. That moment when your English teacher insults one of your favorite book. 200_s
  15. When you want to read the next Outlander book, but you’re not sure you’re ready for that kind of commitment.
  16. When people mess with your reading system.
  17. When you can’t find a real bookmark anywhere, but you need to put the book down for some reason. kindle-used-as-bookmark
  18. People who say “Just watch the movies.”
  19. Also, people who say they don’t have time for reading.
  20. The morning after an all-night reading session. brain-out-of-order-sign
  21. When you want to marry the characters and your  S.O. doesn’t understand.
  22. When everyone is always talking about their celebrity crushes, but you only crush on book characters.
  23. When you get spoilers.