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Just. One. Book. I live in a town of 1200 people in the Northern Sierra Nevada –where it meets the Cascade Range near Mt. Lassen National Park and about two hours drive northwest of Reno, NV.…

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Book Review: The Medium Path

 Ruby is sick and tired of being a ghost. All she wants to do is move on like all the rest of the ghosts she needs to deal with. But being a spirit guide, it’s not that simple. Passing on her life force doesn’t work for her like it does for regular ghosts and until she figures out how that works, she’s just stuck transporting spirits to the afterlife. Life after death is pretty much the same old same old. That is until someone starts stealing souls. And she starts falling for a medium named Michael. Then life gets a little bit more complicated.

It took me a little bit (read: four months or so) to get into this book. Indeed, the beginning with Ruby helping this sad excuse for a teenager named Lucy did not really interest me and I was easily distracted b Continue reading

One Lovely Blog Award!

I got nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award today by Mariam from Mariam Mimi’s Bookish Blog.  Whoo hoo! Thanks, Mariam!

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It’s Good For Such A Young Writer…

This means the book sucks.

Plain and simple. Just say it for what it is. Recently saw a book that looked interesting and I read the “Look Inside” on Amazon and thought it way too painful to get through. The plot was interesting but the actual writing and characters was flat, dull, and campy. I couldn’t believe that all of the reviews were four and five stars, until I read them. All of them had, at least at one point something along the lines of “It’s so impressive for being a teenaged writer.”

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A Short Robin Williams Tribute

Like just about everyone else, I was shocked when I learned about Robin Williams’s passing and  I just want to give a small tribute to one of the comedic geniuses of our time, and one of the best actors.

“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.”

“You’re only given one spark of magic. You musn’t lose it.”

“Never pick a fight with an ugly person, they’ve got nothing to lose.”

“In America, they really do mythologise people when they die.”

“The Statue of Liberty is no longer saying ‘Give me your poor, your tired, your huddled masses’. She’s got a baseball bat and yelling ‘You want a piece of me?'”

“If it’s the Psychic network, why do they need a phone number?”

“When in doubt go for the dick joke.”

“The idea of having a steady job is appealing.”

He was one of the few actors out there that I like in every role he does. You were an incredible person, Robin Williams, and we’re all going to miss you.