Book Review: The Last Revenge by Nathaniel Danes

After the death of his daughter and learning the true enemy of the war, Trent joins the battle again, this time with his new friend Hido, as well as the remaining members of the 1st Legion. Things get pretty complicated as politics get in the way of fighting the Kitright, and Amanda joins in on Trent’s need for revenge. But even now, things are not always as they seem. Battle after battle slowly satisfies Trent’s bloodlust and Continue reading


The Zombie Apocalypse Is Here

Night of the Living Dead Image from the movie “Night of the Living Dead”

With the virus AM13 racing through the streets, the government has officially announced the Lockdown a failure and is trying to get people to go to the airports so they can be flown to a safe haven. But when Alyssa shows up too late to the airport, she knows she needs to face the zombie apocalypse alone. But unlike most people, she finds that exciting. After all, she had grown up preparing for it by watching just about every zombie movie out there. She knows that she has what it takes to thrive out there with the zombie apocalypse. She knows she’s not alone because she keeps finding notes around town from this person called “E”. But before she can find him, she finds another group of survivors that she teams up with. Even though they are all nice, she forms a special bond with a girl named Emily that both scares and excites her.

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How This Sci-Fi Book Moved Me To Tears: The Last Hero Review and Interview

  1. The Last Hero by Nathaniel DanesFor Trent Maxwell, he wouldn’t give up the quiet life he had with his daughter and wife for the world, even if he did miss the life of a soldier. But with the world at peace, military was a thing of the past and he would have to settle for selling life insurance. Until two people from the government come to his office and tell him he’s being reactivated. An alien species never seen before ripped apart a human colony and now the world needs soldiers and fast. They need Trent most of all, because he was the Last Hero.

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Tomorrow is Too Late

“The girl put up a hand, and Drakier stopped mid stride. “You’ll have to come with me. We don’t have time to reach your ship.” 

Grabbing Isal’s hand, she dragged him to Drakier. “What do you mean, come with you? How do we know you aren’t a Tiori?” Isal said.

The girl turned and looked Isal in the eyes. “My name is Ryo and I am your last hope.”

 Everyone has their prejudices. Not even the gods are perfect. After having their ship hit by a rogue planet, Captain Eri and her crew are stuck on Thog until they can get a job and repair their ship. In addition to that, Filion needs to look for Ryo who did not regenerate on the ship but in a mental facility where she thinks she can heal the mind of another Chozen. Meanwhile, the Afortiories realize Ryo is much more powerful than the average Chozen, and an Eoan contacts Filion in order to help him fight the Tioris.

I have to admit, I probably should have reread the first book before reading the second, because I was a little confused for about a page and a half. However, after that, it was very good. More monstrosities from Tioris, more corruption and a lot more action and suspense. Aside from a few typos and my general dislike for Rygel, I enjoyed the book a lot. It was a pretty quick read, and a lot of fun. I liked Red even more now than I did before and I’m definitely pleased with certain developments between Filion and Wiq, because I had my suspicions in the first book. Everyone who liked the first will definitely like the second, as well as most sci-fi fans, particularly Firefly fans.


Perrin Pring is also giving away 30 copies of Tomorrow is Too Late or Appointment at the Edge of Forever. Both books are definitely worth checking out, so I’d suggest getting them now before someone else snaps them up. Continue reading

Nobody’s Hero by Roz Marshall

Nobodys-Hero-600x900Based off of Hugh Howey’s Half Way Home, Nobody’s Hero tells the story of Peter and Mica to show why they took such drastic actions. Peter and Mica live in a colony on a planet where gold is so common that it’s used for even everyday dining ware. They think this will cause Earth natives to come in and mine the planet, killing unnecessary people in their search for gold. But they are also worried about the growing hostilities of the authorities in the colony, who are now making guns and are helping humans from Earth come for a share in the profits. The only thing they can do  is escape and hope they can survive on their own.

This was a good short story. After reading the “Secrets in the Snow” series, I was pretty surprised to see Roz Marshall writing science fiction, but at the same time, I enjoyed it a lot. It was well written and very intriguing and I love the fact that it’s based off of Half Way Home which sounds like a good book to say the least.  Nobody’s Hero is a great story for science fiction and romance fans for sure.

You can find the book at Booktrack and on Amazon as part of Hugh Howey’s and Booktrack’s competition 

UPDATE: In my original review, I wrote Daniel instead of Peter, but that’s the character’s name. Roz was kind enough to let me know, and I was (finally) able to edit that. Sorry about that.

A Big Ball of Wibbly-Wobbly, Timey-Wimey…. Stuff (The Here and Now)

For Prenna, having the cute, nice and very smart and funny guy at her school like her isn’t a good thing. In fact, it could be her death sentence for both her and the boy. After all, she is from the future and is most likely carrying diseases that no one has immunity to, and as long as she is in the strict community of time travelers who track her every move, she has to watch her back to make sure she doesn’t disappear like others in her community who fall a little out of line. But when she receives information that could change the future from the hellish place she left to a place better, she knows she has to act, and hopefully save the boy she loves.

Definitely a good book. I liked all of the main characters as well as the plot. I also found it really relevant to what’s going on today, and what could happen if we keep destroying the environment. However, like most time travel stories, I get super confused easily. While this book kept the time-wimey stuff (my apologies, Stephen Moffat) to a minimum, some things still didn’t make sense to me. How did her father get that drawing when Ethan hadn’t given it to him? Are we supposed to infer that Anthony Balthos gave him the drawing? This was particularly frustrating because I really wanted Prenna’s dad to pull some sort of miraculous resurrection but instead there’s an incomplete explanation for the mystery of the drawing. And how did Anthony get the drawing in the first place? In the future he came from none of that had happened, so Prenna didn’t come back in time. There were a few others, but these were the most confusing. It’s hard for me to follow different and intersecting realities at once, so if someone can explain how this makes sense, then please, leave a comment ;-).

All in all, a fun read. Does it make the top ten books I’ve read this year? Probably not. This might not be in the top ten I’ve reviewed on here. But it’s definitely worth reading, for both the action-packed plot and the forbidden romance between Ethan and Prenna.

(Netgalley Review) When Technology Comes Back to Bite Us in the Butt


For Anana, it’s perfectly normal for her to use her Meme for everything, and to have it read her thoughts. In a world where technology has taken over, taxi drivers, doctors, and schools have been nearly obliterated and print books have gone the way of the dinosaurs. However, for her father,  one of the editors of the last dictionary still in print, it’s terrible.  Always wary of memes, Doug refuses to use them, even though they control everything. Still preferring print books to “limns” on memes, and willing to use pen and paper in public despite the stares from people unused to seeing such old school technology, he hates everything about memes, and especially the  popular program called the Word Exchange, which provides words and definitions and two cents each. He’s convinced that the program will hurt language and spread a virus and after he disappears, his daughter Anana realizes that her father’s predictions are becoming true.

I loved this book. The concept was very interesting and I thought it was a very smart and well-written book with great characters. Me being pretty wary of technology myself (even though I still use Kindle and I spend an unhealthy amount of time on my phone) I thought it was a good cautionary tale about what can happen if we use technology without thinking about the consequences. The only problems I would have with this book is that it wanders quite a bit, especially when it’s from Bart’s point of view. However, I am writing this review based off an advanced reading copy so this might have changed. Aside from that, I thought it was well put-together and it’s definitely worth reading.