Music Mondays: Born to be Wild

For Music Mondays, I’m going to match up characters with songs that fit their personalities. For the first one, I’m matching Jools from The Sanctum series with Born to Be Wild by Steppenwolf.

Jools was definitely born to be wild. As a Class A Warrior for the Sanctum, she definitely knows how to take care of herself and likes to live a little on the wild side. Her brother once told his friend that “She’s more hardcore than the two of us combined”. He has also gotten annoyed more than one or two times by his sister’s smart mouth.

However, even though Jools is incredibly tough and can be quick with insults, she also has a soft spot for her family, and Ryker. She would have their backs in a fight to the end, no matter how often they annoy each other, which is why I like Jools. And if she was going to have a theme song, I think it would Born to Be Wild.

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Or you can find Book One, The Boy, at your local bookstore.