The Zombie Apocalypse Is Here

Night of the Living Dead Image from the movie “Night of the Living Dead”

With the virus AM13 racing through the streets, the government has officially announced the Lockdown a failure and is trying to get people to go to the airports so they can be flown to a safe haven. But when Alyssa shows up too late to the airport, she knows she needs to face the zombie apocalypse alone. But unlike most people, she finds that exciting. After all, she had grown up preparing for it by watching just about every zombie movie out there. She knows that she has what it takes to thrive out there with the zombie apocalypse. She knows she’s not alone because she keeps finding notes around town from this person called “E”. But before she can find him, she finds another group of survivors that she teams up with. Even though they are all nice, she forms a special bond with a girl named Emily that both scares and excites her.

“E” is really a man named Ethan who is alone during the zombie apocalypse. His OCD was always bad but it’s getting even worse with his fear of AM13. While it helps keep him alive in some situations because he is extra careful with staying clean, he also needs to watch out to keep his OCD from consuming him.

Meanwhile, at the safe haven, a doctor has been assigned the task of finding a cure for AM13. While he studies the specimens he’s been given the best he can, he is still dumbfounded by AM13. With the Board adding pressure on him, the doctor starts to realize everything isn’t totally right with the people in charge or with the “safe” haven.

I’ve had my ups and downs with this book. I mean, at first I liked Ethan pretty well. He was an interesting character and it was admirable how he survived and coped with his OCD. And then he disappears for awhile and we only know he’s still alive because of the notes he writes that Alyssa finds. We don’t really know anything about him for about seventy-five percent of the book because he’s only there in the beginning and there in the end, which I was a little disappointed in.

As for Alyssa, I really didn’t like her. She was so arrogant and wrapped up in movies that it was hard to really empathize with her. I know that it was for a more dramatic character arc, but man, let me like her a little, okay? But as the story went on and Alyssa smartened up, I did actually start to like her. She was willing to work with the people she found and she was just happy to have a family of sorts again. She was pretty cool then. She was tough but still vulnerable. She was scared of her own feelings and just wanted a place to belong to again. It took me awhile, but I warmed up to her. But when I did I really liked her so when I got to the ending of the book I was thrown through a huge loop but more on that later.

As for the doctor… well, it’s hard to say. At first he was just writing medical data in his journal and I was more interested in learning the progress on finding the cure than the actual doctor. But even though he seemed a little like a psycho scientist in the beginning, he became the most normal of the protagonists. He wanted to help people for the greater good, he was lonely, missing his family, and terrified for his life. His story is the most heartbreaking of all, in my opinion. I mean, he’s the one protagonist who’s actually in the safe haven and not still fighting zombies in the UK, but this supposed haven is more hellish than the zombie-riddled cities that Alyssa and Ethan have to navigate. That makes it way more heartbreaking to me.

The actual plot was well developed. I hope that there’s more of Pete, Emily, and the gang in the next book, but after reading part of the first book, I’m guessing that’s not the case. After all, the protagonist from the first book is hardly in the second book at all. So I’m guessing each book just features new characters. Maybe we’ll actually see what life is like in the actual refugee camp since the doctor was in exclusion from it and could only know what was happening from the patients brought in.

Okay, the love story: Emily and Alyssa were very sweet together. I really liked Emily’s character a lot. I can really relate to nerdy, bookish girls like Emily (I wonder why). However, I wish there was a girl for Pete, as well. He had feelings for Alyssa that Alyssa didn’t really feel back and even though he was stubborn and could be a bit of an ass sometimes, he was still attractive. I never doubted that his heart was in the right place. He did want to keep everyone safe and would probably give his life up for them. So yeah, I wanted a girl for Pete, or at least for Alyssa to maybe have feelings for him. Just a teensy bit.  But the love story was never really the point of the story, so there was nothing too dramatic going on here. What was going on was THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! Yes, that deserves all caps, because this book will just tell you how shitty the zombie apocalypse would truly be. Man, I’d take World War III any day and it all has to do with the ending.

The ending. Holy shit. That’s all I have to say because man, I don’t even really have words for the crazy shit that goes down in the last few chapters. And I can’t say anything anyway because you need to freaking read the book. I can definitely say, though, that if you like the movie Night of the Living Dead, then you will love Forgotten, because duuuuuddddeeee…

It’s crazy, okay? Just trust me on this.


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