5 Reasons Why Legacy Will Make You Cry

The authors behind #30Authors come together for the anthology Legacy where each author write a story about what the word “legacy” means to them. Legacies are passed in many ways, through recipes, quilts, loved ones, and even in the words we say to one another. You will read about different legacies in every story. And you will cry like I did.

5 Reasons Why You Will Cry

1) You will realize the grandmother was not a loon in Forget Me Not.

2) How to Raise Cats in a Paris Apartment will make you laugh until some tears are shed.

3) You will find Two Kinds of Legacy incredibly true in every way.

4) You will know how devastated Gracie from Gracie’s Gift will be in the future, after the story ends. How she’ll feel is made all too clear in the next story Hope.

5) The fact that A Forever Home is a true story.

I haven’t even begun to mention all of the noteworthy stories in this anthology. It is truly a wonderful read, but, as you might have guessed, not for the faint of heart. Many of the stories are sad, even though many represent hope, or a piece of the past to be passed down through the generations. There is graphic violence in some, so I don’t recommend this anthology for young readers. But people who love to think about life through the generations and those who want to be remembered through the generations will love this book of tales both true and fictional.


2 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Legacy Will Make You Cry

  1. Thanks so much for reviewing our book! I’m glad you found the stories meaningful and memorable…

  2. Kara, I’m so glad you cried happy tears over ‘How to Raise Cats in a Paris Apartment’! Thank you!

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