The Prophecy: Book Three of the Sanctum Trilogy

 The Sanctum’s civil war draws to a close in this third and final book as Jools leads Sanctum and Magicals alike into battle with Carter Breslin’s armies. As the official head of the Academy, she needs to keep a cool head even while dealing with her own inner emotional turmoil that threatens to destroy her as the body count builds up. Meanwhile, Darby is dealing with the betrayal of Jedda, her true love, and Wyatt goes into denial about his and Dev’s chances of surviving this war, and his mother, Sam, continues her obsession with the Prophecy and making it come true. And all the while, Carter and Ava Breslin make allies with a powerful Shindo wizard and make plans to destroy them all.

I have to admit, this was my least favorite in the Sanctum books. Don’t get me wrong, it was very good towards the end but the beginning left something to be desired. There was too much politics and not enough action, first of all. Aside from the death tolls on the casualty reports, I would have forgotten there really was a war in action and we weren’t just gearing up for one. On top of that, I didn’t see nearly enough of the characters I had grown to know and love. There was a lot of scenes with the darker, twisted characters like Sam and the Breslins and not enough of the heroes, leaving me feel depressed and wishing both sides would just destroy each other and get it over with already. I felt like there were too many sub-plots to make the story as tight as it could have been, which is why I liked the story a lot more after some of those plotlines were resolved or went away.

As the story got tighter and more action and more of my favorite characters, I started to like the story much more. There was plenty of action, smart-mouthed lines, and suspense to keep me reading, and it ended exactly how it should have ended with me on the verge of tears and sighing over Wyatt and Dev’s love story. The only thing I wish were different toward the end was less of the long speeches about how much the characters mean to each other. If we don’t understand the depths of their relationships now, we never will.

That being said, this book is definitely a worthwhile read and Sanctum fans will enjoy this final book in this thrilling trilogy.


2 thoughts on “The Prophecy: Book Three of the Sanctum Trilogy

  1. mblaylock4 says:

    Thanks for the review, Kara. I totally appreciate you taking the time to go on this journey with me; I’m just sorry the ending wasn’t quite up to your expectations but hey, at least I didn’t kill Wyatt and Dev. 🙂 Perhaps the other story lines you mention, the mini-plots and characters. can turn themselves into new stories for The Sanctum Series…

    Thanks again for showing my books a little love. Cheers. xx

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