How This Sci-Fi Book Moved Me To Tears: The Last Hero Review and Interview

  1. The Last Hero by Nathaniel DanesFor Trent Maxwell, he wouldn’t give up the quiet life he had with his daughter and wife for the world, even if he did miss the life of a soldier. But with the world at peace, military was a thing of the past and he would have to settle for selling life insurance. Until two people from the government come to his office and tell him he’s being reactivated. An alien species never seen before ripped apart a human colony and now the world needs soldiers and fast. They need Trent most of all, because he was the Last Hero.

It’s not a lie when I say this book moved me to tears. I was actually crying just before I finished the book. Nathaniel Danes definitely knows how to write, and he has no problem putting his characters through hell. Even though we barely see Anna, Trent’s daughter, we see enough of her and Trent thinks about her enough to make her almost a main character. Even though I knew it was unlikely, part of me was secretly hoping that she joined the military and through near light travel and nanotechnology she would keep her youth and save Trent some grief. I also really liked the 1st Cohort team, as well as Trent. Simms and Thomas were two of my favorites, and I’m really hoping to see more of Jones as well in the next book.

What I would have liked to see more of was the Kitrights (passive extraterrestrial race) in the first book. Even though they are going to be in the second book more, and they weren’t in the first book that much for obvious reason, I wish we could have met the Kitright ambassador at least once or twice.

This is a story that is definitely worth reading for all sci-fi and military fans.

Interview with Nathniel Danes

Thank you for joining me on Ink and Paper, Nathaniel.

Appreciate you having me.

Would you ever want to hang out with Trent in real life, or do you think the two of you would be

at each other’s throats?

Oh, I think we’d get along pretty good. Trent’s the kind of guy who can get along with

anyone, even if he doesn’t like them, for the sake of peace around him. Plus, we have a lot in


Do you think Trent would have stayed in his quiet life forever if war had never been declared, or

would his need to be a soldier pull him into some sort of life of fighting?

I think he would’ve stayed with his family. Trent does what duty demands first. Being a

father to the daughter he loved dearly would of trumped anything except a war for humanity’s


Can you explain what near speed of light travel is and how it affects time in your story?

In my story, ships don’t have FTL drives. They can jump vast distances through Dark

Matter Gates but travel between them is shackled by the law of relativity. The time dilation

caused from near the speed of light travel, one month equals ten years on Earth, causes social

disconnection for those who serve. That tension weights heavily on the emotional well being of

the characters.

Have you ever written something that you hated when you were done with it?

Yeah, pretty much the first draft of every book I’ve written.

What is your biggest pet peeve with books you’ve read before?

I hate when a character suffers a terrible lose but it somehow never seems to affect

them like their a sociopath. Characters are imprints of people, not machines completing a


Was any part of the story influenced by your real life?

Absolutely. The birth of my daughter namely. I didn’t understand how much you can love

someone until I held her for the first time. That deep emotional connection influenced key

element of my novel.

What led you to write this book?

I’ve always had an overactive imagination. Lately, I use it as a coping mechanism to

escape my pending blindness from a genetic disorder. It’s fun to imagine universes where I

have no limitations.

I’m also dyslexic, however, so the idea of me writing a novel was crazy for many years.

College, grad school and a day job that requires a lot of writing sharpened my skills. Once I had

the ability, the story demanded to be set free.

What got you interested in writing science fiction?

I’ve always been a scifi fan. I didn’t read much as a kid so I got my fixes from Star Trek,

Doctor Who, Star Wars, etc… Then one day I decided to read The Forever War and that really

sparked my interest in scifi books. Writing about the future is also really fun. It’s a blank canvas,

free to be whatever I want it to be.

What is your favorite part of writing?

That last stage of editing. There’s a great sense of accomplishment I find satisfying. I

could barely read for much of my early life so writing a book for me is like climbing Everest.

What is your least favorite part of writing?

Promoting my work. On that note, thanks again for hosting me on your site. I really

appreciate it.

Is there anything else you would like to tell your readers?

Just that I hope they give The Last Hero a chance and can feel the passion that went

into writing it. Also, I’m editing book 2 in the trilogy as we speak and hope to have it released in

late March or early April.

Nathaniel Danes is a self-diagnosed sci-fi junkie and, according to his wife, has an over active

imagination. Mostly blind, he writes to create universes where he has no limitations. He lives

with his wife and daughter in the Washington, DC area.

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3 thoughts on “How This Sci-Fi Book Moved Me To Tears: The Last Hero Review and Interview

  1. Love this. Thanks for sharing! If you’re ever in need of a good book review, be sure to follow! Thanks!

  2. Lelia T says:

    This sounds like a good one and I am a science fiction fan 😉

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