The Book of Time by Corinna Underwood

Holdfast had been a thriving community of four elemental clans for as long as anyone could remember. Each clan member is gifted with elemental power connected to earth, fire, air and water, that is channeled through the energy of the Becoming of all things. Threatened by the Dominar and his minions in the Citadel who want to control the Becoming, the clans fled through a portal to another land, another time to begin their lives over, but not all of them made it through in time….

Separated from his sister Ree and their clans at the age of three, Hal has grown up in the ruins of Holdfast with only his grandmother, Marlis, to keep the old traditions alive. For ten great cycles the two have waited for the return of the Great Solstice when the portal between this land and the one that is home to their clans will open, and they can be reunited once more. When Hal and his sister finally meet, Ree must learn the shocking truth about their parents who have been locked in an endless sleep for the past decade.

Hall is faced with further challenges when he realizes that many of the clan members believe that his grandfather betrayed them all to the Dominar,; a man who will stop at nothing to achieve immortality. Brother and sister also begin to question whether they were right to rescue the injured stranger from Holdfast and bring her through the portal as she may be a spy for the Dominar and a threat to their lives.

As Ree and Hal help each other come to terms with their growing knowledge of the Becoming and their past, they are determined to venture into the Dreaming in search of a man only before heard of in nursery rhymes. Does he really exist, and can he possibly hold the key to their parents awakening? While in the Dreaming, Hal and Ree not only find the answers to these questions, they also have a startling revelation about their own powers and their destiny to save the Becoming. 

Sometimes there are books that I enjoy but there’s nothing really specific that I enjoy about it. There’s nothing wrong with the book at all, and it’s a pleasant read, but there’s nothing that grips me enough to let my toast burn so I can find out what happens next, or stay up late reading. The Book of Time was one of those books.

I must admit, I was reading this as a PDF on my Iphone, which isn’t the most ideal ways of reading for me, and that probably did affect my reading. I like Ree and Hal. I think they are both strong characters, and I think the who concept of twins and the Becoming is really cool. It’s a very smart book, and a good book to read, especially with hot tea and a comfy chair. The imagery in this book was well-done and very vivid, especially in the Dreaming. This is actually a book I would probably read again at some point. However, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone looking for a suspenseful page-turning fantasy, because there’s little suspense. This is a great book for most fantasy readers, though, especially those who are fans of The Hobbit, and A Wrinkle in Time.

You can find this book on Smashwords here: 

Fun fact: when you use the link above to purchase the book, some of your money will be going to charity. Learn more here.


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