Sun and Moon (Netgalley Review)

“In order to stop Predilion, I’ve chosen you, Emily and Ashe, as my champions. I’ve had to use the energy of the stone to trap him here. The power then had to be shifted to a new energy source. The two of you were born to become that energy source.”

Emily and Ashe knew only two things: neither of them had been born with a natural magic in a world where magic ratings counted for everything, and now, after an explosion in the city, they were the only two people with magic and they have to stop an evil Creator named Predilion who has escaped his bonds and intends to destroy everything in the his path. Of course, that’s before they discovered that they are Creators themselves, and need to stop whatever is slowly killing their worlds and many other worlds.

I was actually disappointed in this story. I mean, I know it’s a Netgalley book, so it’s not the final, but this story was definitely a lot less polished that a lot of other ARCs I’ve read. Aside from the formatting issues, the dialogue between Ashe and Emily felt flat and canned and there didn’t seem to be nearly as much character development as there should have been, especially for Blaze and Raelyn, who I felt were kind of dismissed as being unimportant halfway through the story even though they both had seemed very important before then. For instance, why was Raelyn nice to Ashe but not to Emily? We already knew what life was like for those with low rankings, but what about higher ones? After all, Raelyn didn’t have a happy life either even though she was a level six and came from a wealthy family. I really hope this isn’t the last we see of either of them, but who knows? I felt like this story was one big free write wehre the author kept pushing the characters into new conflicts because the word quota hasn’t been met yet.

This story is also Insta-love, between Ashe and Emily, so I’m not prone to like it anyway. After all, it feels like a cheat. Again, I wasn’t reading the official book, but unless it got seriously polished up, I probably wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.


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