Tomorrow is Too Late

“The girl put up a hand, and Drakier stopped mid stride. “You’ll have to come with me. We don’t have time to reach your ship.” 

Grabbing Isal’s hand, she dragged him to Drakier. “What do you mean, come with you? How do we know you aren’t a Tiori?” Isal said.

The girl turned and looked Isal in the eyes. “My name is Ryo and I am your last hope.”

 Everyone has their prejudices. Not even the gods are perfect. After having their ship hit by a rogue planet, Captain Eri and her crew are stuck on Thog until they can get a job and repair their ship. In addition to that, Filion needs to look for Ryo who did not regenerate on the ship but in a mental facility where she thinks she can heal the mind of another Chozen. Meanwhile, the Afortiories realize Ryo is much more powerful than the average Chozen, and an Eoan contacts Filion in order to help him fight the Tioris.

I have to admit, I probably should have reread the first book before reading the second, because I was a little confused for about a page and a half. However, after that, it was very good. More monstrosities from Tioris, more corruption and a lot more action and suspense. Aside from a few typos and my general dislike for Rygel, I enjoyed the book a lot. It was a pretty quick read, and a lot of fun. I liked Red even more now than I did before and I’m definitely pleased with certain developments between Filion and Wiq, because I had my suspicions in the first book. Everyone who liked the first will definitely like the second, as well as most sci-fi fans, particularly Firefly fans.


Perrin Pring is also giving away 30 copies of Tomorrow is Too Late or Appointment at the Edge of Forever. Both books are definitely worth checking out, so I’d suggest getting them now before someone else snaps them up.


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