Right Click: The Final Installment in the Click Series Finishes Strong

(P.S., there are spoilers)

Right Click ties up the adventures of Renee Green as she tries to navigate her personal life, work life, and her friends’ lives. Her life goes awry yet again as she discovers “cassidy’s” true nature, gets fired (technically) from her job, and goes through a very painful loss. Mixed with plenty of pun-offs, dirty jokes from Shelley, and back-handed compliments from Ashley, Right Click is just as enjoyable as the first two stories.

Okay, first of all, thank God for getting rid of Cassidy. She drove me nuts even though I figured she was there to stay and I tried to like her. Marnie is so much cooler. Also, I never realized how good of a friend Shelley was until this book. I loved her before and she was still a good friend, but it was in Right Click that she really shined with how well she has Renee’s back. Ashley is also a good friend, of course, don’t get me wrong, but her passive aggressiveness drives me crazy sometimes and I really appreciated Shelley’s commentary on Ashley’s emails in this book. Also, I have to admit, I really loved the Billy Joel pun-off. Being a huge fan of Billy Joel myself, I really got a kick out of it. As for the end of the book… well, I’ll be sad to say goodbye to these characters, but I liked how it all ended. All of the characters are great and the couples fit each other really well. So as sad as I am, I can’t deny how satisfying the end of the book was. Great read.

News: I’ve now started a new blog for romance stories! Don’t worry, I’m not closing down Ink and Paper. I’m just going to be managing both blogs. But you can check out my reviews on Lover’s Quarrel here.


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