Nobody’s Hero by Roz Marshall

Nobodys-Hero-600x900Based off of Hugh Howey’s Half Way Home, Nobody’s Hero tells the story of Peter and Mica to show why they took such drastic actions. Peter and Mica live in a colony on a planet where gold is so common that it’s used for even everyday dining ware. They think this will cause Earth natives to come in and mine the planet, killing unnecessary people in their search for gold. But they are also worried about the growing hostilities of the authorities in the colony, who are now making guns and are helping humans from Earth come for a share in the profits. The only thing they can do  is escape and hope they can survive on their own.

This was a good short story. After reading the “Secrets in the Snow” series, I was pretty surprised to see Roz Marshall writing science fiction, but at the same time, I enjoyed it a lot. It was well written and very intriguing and I love the fact that it’s based off of Half Way Home which sounds like a good book to say the least.  Nobody’s Hero is a great story for science fiction and romance fans for sure.

You can find the book at Booktrack and on Amazon as part of Hugh Howey’s and Booktrack’s competition 

UPDATE: In my original review, I wrote Daniel instead of Peter, but that’s the character’s name. Roz was kind enough to let me know, and I was (finally) able to edit that. Sorry about that.


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