Love and Muddy Puddles

For thirteen-year-old Coco, living in Sydney, Australia, nothing could be more perfect. She has just gotten accepted into the popular group at her high school and she’s about to be set up with a very hot boy named Darcy. Everything was going right until her father hit his family with some huge news, right after Coco’s and her twin sister Charlie’s thirteenth birthday– they were moving out of Sydney and into the country where they would live in a shed on a piece of farmland while building their own house. Everyone is excited by this news except Coco. After all, everyone knows living in the country makes you a complete loser, and there’s no way to bounce back from that. But things start to change for her when she meets a troubled horse named Cupcake, and they both find true friendship with each other.

This was a really good book. It’s very accurate in describing the dynamics in seventh and eighth grade, and, scary enough, not even that farfetched. As much as I didn’t like Coco in the beginning, I could understand the choices she was making. After all, I made them too, sometimes, then. And I loved the ending, although I wished Saffron and Tiger Lily ended up with black eyes. But that’s just me. Definitely worth checking out, and definitely a book all middle school girls should read.


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