Double Click: Dirty Jokes, Puns, and More Emails

        In the second installment in the Click series, there is a wedding and an engagement. There are sad goodbyes, new life life, and new love. There’s also secrets, glow-in-the-dark condoms, puns about eggs, puns about shoes, adults who don’t know how to capitalize, creepy cat videos, and, well, Shelley. It’s definitely entertaining and funny despite the bittersweet ending, and I think I like this book better than the last because there isn’t the onslaught of bad dates that make me depressed about humanity (as hilarious as they could be).

I think the book is well-written, entertaining chick-lit that fans of The Boy Next Door and Every Boy’s Got One would love, and Click fans will definitely be satisfied with this sequel.

Seeing Shelley’s character develop and mature was nice and it was fun seeing Ashley’s and Shelley’s (reluctant) friendship grow. However, I was kind of hoping Cassidy would disappear. I share a lot of Shelley’s sentiments about her and I’m really curious about what her job is and how she got hired when she has no grasp on capitalization and punctuation. She could drive me a little batty, and reading her emails were kind of frustrating because of her lack of knowledge on how a keyboard works. There are also points in the story where all plot movement stops because the characters are stuck in a pun war. This isn’t really much of a complaint because the puns were freaking hilarious (yes, I’m one of those people who laughs at lame jokes. Feel free to judge me), but there were a couple of times I felt like the war had gone on long enough. All in all, this is an excellent read and worth checking out.



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