Weird Hobbies, Hanging with the Homeless, Murder, and Spotted Owls

The Body in the Woods

by April Henry

Netgalley Review

For three teenagers part of the Portland, Oregon’s Search and Rescue team, life goes slightly awry when they stumble across a body on a hiking path in one of Portland’s parks. Even though the police think they have the killer, teenaged crime buff Ruby isn’t so sure. She has her own theories about the murder, and she thinks its even a possible serial killer. She and her SAR mates Alexis and Nick decide to look into themselves, even though all of them have their own crap to deal with at home.

All in all, entertaining read. Worth reading once, I guess. I’ve definitely read worse. But it’s only worth reading for everything but the murder storyline. It’s really obvious who the killer is in the beginning of the book. If you don’t know who it is before they discover the body, or when he talks for the first time, then you definitely know who it is when he takes on a “Back in my day…” attitude. Incredibly predictable. That being said, I liked the characters, Alexis and Ruby especially. It’s hard for me to like Nick, though because he wants attention a lot and tries to take credit when its not due to him. But I can totally relate to Ruby about the confusion of general etiquette in life, and I can with Alexis about her general wariness with people. I liked the storyline about Alexis trying to find her mom, and the small love story between her and the trauma intervention guy. However, that’s why this story is worth reading. Not for the main storyline.

So, if you stumble across it, then I totally recommend you give it a shot. However, it’s not worth taking the time to hunt out.


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