Dark Secrets and Batshit Families


Most kids see college as a huge adventure, and the last milestone before entering the “adult” world, or the last time they can have fun before they have bills to pay and they need to pay their dues in their fields. But for Paige Alexander, it’s just something to get through before she can disappear with her girlfriend Jess and escape the clutches of her affluent, tyrannical, and batshit crazy parents. It doesn’t help that she now needs to take therapy as long as she was in school, thanks to a suicide attempt and a promise to Jess. While trying to keep her homophobic roommate from knowing her secret, and trying to help her best friend who is stuck in an abusive relationship, Paige needs to come to terms with the family secret that had made her attempt suicide in the first place.

I wasn’t sure how much I would like this book because stories about teen suicides and suicide attempts can sometimes make me uncomfortable, but this story still had a lot of humor which lightened it up some (even though some of it was dark humor) and made it an enjoyable read. The characters were awesome. I think Jess was my favorite one. Being very outgoing, and into nights out at hole-in-the-wall restaurants and meeting people, her character was great contrast with Paige’s more awkward character, and the love story between her and Paige was very sweet. I would totally want Jess as my best friend.

I liked Paige mostly. The strong loyalty she has to her friends and even to her roommates makes her really likeable, and I like her sense of humor a lot too. However, I didn’t like her nearly as much when she decided to use Tom as straight cover. It annoyed me that she led him on like that, especially when she knew he was a nice guy and it seemed like he genuinely liked her. But that storyline got resolved quite nicely in my opinion, and I still like Paige a lot. I thought the storyline over all was very good and well-written, and I’d definitely recommend this book to anybody.


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