(Netgalley Review) When Technology Comes Back to Bite Us in the Butt



For Anana, it’s perfectly normal for her to use her Meme for everything, and to have it read her thoughts. In a world where technology has taken over, taxi drivers, doctors, and schools have been nearly obliterated and print books have gone the way of the dinosaurs. However, for her father,  one of the editors of the last dictionary still in print, it’s terrible.  Always wary of memes, Doug refuses to use them, even though they control everything. Still preferring print books to “limns” on memes, and willing to use pen and paper in public despite the stares from people unused to seeing such old school technology, he hates everything about memes, and especially the  popular program called the Word Exchange, which provides words and definitions and two cents each. He’s convinced that the program will hurt language and spread a virus and after he disappears, his daughter Anana realizes that her father’s predictions are becoming true.

I loved this book. The concept was very interesting and I thought it was a very smart and well-written book with great characters. Me being pretty wary of technology myself (even though I still use Kindle and I spend an unhealthy amount of time on my phone) I thought it was a good cautionary tale about what can happen if we use technology without thinking about the consequences. The only problems I would have with this book is that it wanders quite a bit, especially when it’s from Bart’s point of view. However, I am writing this review based off an advanced reading copy so this might have changed. Aside from that, I thought it was well put-together and it’s definitely worth reading.



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