Explosions, Foreign Countries, and General Badass-ness

 Lately, I’ve been wanting to read two types of books: and classics. Hunt the Wolf obviously falls into the former, and it was just what I was looking for. It was full fights, explosion, foreign countries, good prevailing over bad, and general badass-ness.

SEAL Team Six leader Tom Crocker is determined to take down an Al Quaeda leader who is called AZ. After a failed mission to retrieve him, however, and a chewing out from his superiors, Crocker is ready to kick some butt. When the king of Norway asks Crocker and his team to track down a girl kidnapped by human traffickers, it looks like Crocker will be able to do just that.

My biggest problem with this book was that it was kind of predictable. I could predict a lot of the events that happened, although a few did take me by surprise. But I thought that the foreshadowing could have been a little bit better handled. However, I thought the writing was excellent. It was really easy for me to get absorbed in the book, and I could picture Crocker and his team as they tracked down the missing girl. I liked Crocker’s character, too. Even though he enjoys his work, he also loves his wife and daughter, and he tries to balance his personal and work life as much as possible. Actually, most of his team was pretty cool. I thought Akil was particularly funny and lovable, and the banter between him and Crocker was great. I’d probably give this book four out five stars, and I’ll take a chance and say that anyone who liked the Taken movies (and seriously, how can you not like those movies?) would like this book.


And, as you may have noticed, there’s been a lot of Indiebound links on my blog. I’ve recently become an affiliate with them, which means that I get a small percentage of money if you click on one of the links on my blog and then buy the book. However, I’m doing this mostly because I support Indibound, and I support local bookstores. Considering the fact that 68% of the money you spend at a local shop stays in your community instead of the 43% with a chain, or none with Amazon (unless the author you’re buying is local) I think it’s worth spending a bit more time and money getting a print book from my local bookstore when I can. (I buy books from Amazon, but only if I can’t order them from a store). If you mind these links, then leave it in the comments or email me.


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