My Snowy Valentine by Roz Marshall

When a chance for a major contract comes up, Jude doesn’t want to pass it up, even though the deal depends upon the White Cairns instructors winning a competition and taking home the first prize of skiing equipment that the school wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford. But with the owner of SkiEasy wanting to usurp White Cairns and one instructor out of commission, it isn’t looking good. However, for Debbie, life has been looking a little more interesting since a mysterious message appeared in the snow for her– from a secret admirer.

This is definitely a cute story, like the rest of the White Cairns stories. The sexual tension starts heating up as we see more of Mike and Jude, and of Callum and Debbie, which I like. However, there were a few things in the story that made me raise an eyebrow. Ed Griffith, the owner of SkiEasy, seems like an undeveloped character, whose motives seem thin for the extent he goes to trying to be White Cairns. Apparently he has the maturity of an eight-year-old, but he is able to own and run a successful ski resort? Something doesn’t quite add up there. And I can’t help but dislike Jude a little. The tension between her and Mike is fantastic, but after knowing more about her husband, I have to wonder– where is her backbone? He’s been a jerk way too long for her to have not even considered leaving him.

The above complaints aside, though, My Snowy Valentine is another great story by Roz Marshall. It’s a nice entertaining read in a series of books that can quickly become addictive.



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