A Dream for Hogmanay by Roz Marshall





Recently, I did a cover reveal for A Dream for Hogmanay and, thanks to Roz Marshall, I now get to do a review.

This short story features Debbie, one of my favorite ski instructors at White Cairns. She’s shy and sweet, and loves romances. On Hogmanay– New Year’s Eve in Scotland– Debbie and some of her friends go out to a party and Debbie hopes to find someone to kiss at midnight, even though she knows life isn’t like one of her romance novels. Although Debbie is a bit taken with Marty and Colin, two handsome, womanizing ski instructors, Callum is hoping that she’ll look his way.

This story is really cute, and I was almost disappointed when it ended. It’s well-done, and a very good addition to the White Cairns series. What I didn’t understand, however, was Callum thinking he wasn’t good-looking. I’ve never got that impression before. After all, he has a lot of teenage girls crushing on him in Fear of Falling. But, all in all, it’s a fun and entertaining read.



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