Fear of Falling by Roz Marshall


Fear of Falling, the second episode in the White Cairns series by Roz Marshall, is as good as the first book. As the ski season get underway, Fear of Falling focuses on Fiona, an instructor who is struggling to overcome a tragedy in her life. We also get more insight on Jude’s struggles with managing the ski school as well as her relationship with her daughter. Also, we see how the ski instructors are faring with their new students, especially Callum’s popularity with teenage girls.

I think it’s a strong follow-up to the first installment, and I can’t wait to read more of the stories. My only possible complaint is that I want to see more of Mike and Jude, because of the heavy focus on them in the first book and the sexual tension between them. Also, if you’re bad at keeping characters straight like I am, then it’s a good idea to read these books back to back, or skim through the first book again before reading the second, because Roz Marshall doesn’t waste time with reintroducing the characters (which is a good thing, because when you already know the characters, it can be tedious to read).

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