Swoon Reads NPR Story Airs on Valentine’s Day

So, a few months ago I talked about a publishing company called Swoon Reads where people can go on and vote for their favorite  books. The top rated books are then sent to the staff for review and they then decide which book is getting published. Well, their first book is being announced on Valentine’s Day, and an NPR story is being aired as well, interviewing the author,  Jean Feiwel, and me! I’m being interviewed as an active reader on the site and I’m so excited for this opportunity! I just wanted to tell everybody the exciting news (and, you know, brag a little. Despite my efforts, I’m getting a little insufferable and I need some fresh sets of ears 😉 and give a shout out to Swoon Reads and thank them again for asking me to do the interview! Thanks, everyone.

So on Friday the story will be aired on the NPR show “All Things Considered” and I’ve heard it’s going to be great and the suspense is killing me. Seriously, they wouldn’t tell me which book they picked. And for those of you that haven’t checked out the site, I suggest you do, it’s really cool and there are some great books on there.So,  Happy Valentine’s Day!


7 thoughts on “Swoon Reads NPR Story Airs on Valentine’s Day

  1. Makala says:

    So cool! Can’t wait to see the NPR piece 🙂

  2. Hi! So, I searched for the Swoon Reads tag here, and I saw your post! I’ve seen you on Swoon Reads. You’re really an active reader there. It’s nice to see that you blog here. I’m a Swoon Reads author. I wrote ‘Again’ and maybe you could check it out? I would like to know what you think. Thanks!

    Here’s the link for ‘Again’: swoonreads.com/m/again

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