(Book Review) Love Me If You Must

We all have secrets and pasts. We carry around things we don’t want to admit, things we’re not proud of. But some more than others. For Tish Amble, she has one big secret that she would like to stay secret.

The last thing she wants people to know is that she helped her terminally ill grandmother kill herself. She doesn’t want anyone to know is that she served time for it, and above all else, she was almost glad that she died.

Aside from that, Tish is just a normal woman.

Tish’s job is to buy old homes, fix them up, and sell them. That’s what she was she was doing when she moved to Rawlings, Michigan. It turned out, she had a body buried in her basement.

Tish must now piece the murder together to catch the killer and even prove her own innocence. She must sift through the town’s many secrets, and learn the town’s past to find the person and to keep the killer from killing her.

Despite the difficulty of writing a very good mystery, Nicole Young seemed to have achieved it. She’ll have you believing theory after theory only for you to be proven wrong. The culprit is definitely a surprise.

But even though Young can write a good plot, she can’t pull off the characters quite as well. Tish’s paranoia and flaws are a bit on the extreme side, leading you to be exasperated with her a bit. The many crushes in the book are a little too obvious, as well as many emotions exaggerated. Trish often misses very obvious things and makes stupid mistakes even though she’s supposed to be a reasonably bright human being.

Young has raw talent; after she trains herself a little bit more, her books will be very enjoyable for anyone to read.

Love Me If You Must is good for anyone who likes mystery and suspense.


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