Elixir by Hilary Duff

On January 12, 2001, the first episode of Lizzie McGuire was aired. After that, Hilary Duff was the teen celebrity every teen should wish to be. After being a TV and a movie star, as well as making several albums, Duff never resorted to drugs and alcohol. In fact, she has done a lot of charity work, including Blessings in a Backpack, an organization dedicated to giving children proper nutrition when they would otherwise not get it. Definitely not the typical teen celebrity.

So it should come as no surprise that she would write a book.

Elixir doesn’t have an original concept. It’s about an immortal man falling in love with the reincarnation of his fiance century after century and enduring the pain of watching her get murdered over and over. However, it is well written with a style that tends to alternate from humorous to dark easily and gradually. But her main character, Clea, is a little too contradictive to be realistic. She’s a photojournalist who loves her job and can see poetry and magic in the scenery around her, and she can be fascinated by the human emotions she captures with her camera. But she is very skeptical of mythology- like the Elixir of Eternal Life for instance- even after seeing the wonder in the world around her and having a father who believed in mythology like fact. Her disdain for myths and magic seems out-of-character and poorly judged on Duff’s part.

Aside from Clea’s flaw, the characters are well-planned and they interact with a great chemistry. Reyna, Clea’s best friend is especially lovable with her romantic view of the world and the way she can see an adventure- and a hot guy- at every turn. Her protectiveness of Clea as well as her ability to guess Clea’s feelings just shows how close the friends are.

Hilary Duff definitely has writing talent. With some more experience, she can easily be an exceptional writer.

Elixir is for teens who like romantic fantasy and the idea of immortality. 

You can find Elixir here: http://www.indiebound.org/book/


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