The Order of Dimensions: Review and Interview

The Order of Dimensions by Irene Helenowski is a science fiction story about a woman named Jane. Because of her scientific research, she’s able to travel to different dimensions, where she ends up in different cities, in different jobs, and even with different husbands (although she much prefers the dimensions where she’s married to Randy and not Dr. Zelov, but more on that later).

She discovers that Dr. Anton Zelov is using the different dimensions for his own selfish purposes, not caring when he rips families apart and even destroys people by sending them in dimensions that are just black holes. With Randy, her true love, and the help of a unit of rebels, she must defeat Zelov forever before it’s too late.

I’m a fan of complex villains, and Zelov is definitely that. Although he can be, well, evil, he loves his daughter, and would do anything to protect her. In a couple of dimensions, he isn’t even a bad guy. My favorite character of Team Good is Emily Jones, a smart femme fatale who has a knack for confusing guards and acting slightly mentally unstable. In almost all of her scenes I crack up.

The Order of the Dimensions has a cool concept to it, about how you could be many things based on what dimension you are in, like showing you all of the roads of life you could have taken. It’s a fun read that I’d definitely recommend for science fiction fans who have a little bit of spare time.

1. What inspired you about writing?

Irene: I was watching a Discovery program on the Multiverse theory and how there could be different dimensions even within our universe and just thought about writing a book about how different characters leading different lives in different dimensions.  I’ve also spent hours talking about the subject with my niece, Julia.

2. Tell us about your niece, Julia.

Irene: Julia had suffered from juvenile arthritis since she was sixteen.  She thought about being a surgeon, like her father, my brother, Tom, who is a neurosurgeon, but her condition kept her from realizing that dream.  Then one day, she picked up a book by Michio Kaku and her love in theoretical physics began,  She thought about going to graduate school for physics and was already looking into applications but unfortunately, she passed away this spring from complications of her JA.  She had many other passions as well, creating beautiful jewelry and drawings.  I took a small break from promoting after she passed but then realized that spreading the word about this book could help carry on her legacy.  I’d like to think that she would want me to encourage an interest in the sciences among other young girls.

3.  Tell us about your book.

Irene: My book is about inter-dimensional travel and how characters lead different lives in different dimensions,  The protagonist, Jane Kremowski, is a physics graduate student whose part of a term developing a device called the Multiverser that allows for such travel.  But trouble ensues once the villain, Anton Zelov, is introduced.

4. Who do you think you would be in another dimension?

Irene: I love my job as a biostatistician and hope that I would be doing something similar in another dimension.  I also like living in Chicago, close to my family, but on the other hand, wouldn’t mind living by a beach.

5. Are you thinking about writing a sequel to The Order of Dimensions or another book in general?

Irene: I am working on a sequel now and am thinking about another idea for a book too but would like to see how this one fares first.

6. What did you think was the hardest part about writing a book?

Irene: Trying to make the story flow and imagining how best to connect to the reader.

7. What was your favorite part about writing a book? 

Irene: Just getting the story out there.

8. Do you have any parting comments?

Irene:  I just hope readers enjoy the story 🙂


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