Infinity: Chronicles of Nick, Book 1

For anyone looking for a funny read full of supernatural activity, high school bullies, and snarkiness, I’d recommend Infinity by Sherrilyn Kenyon. It’s hilarious, and next to impossible to stop reading. For Nick, life could not get worse. Going to a school full of snobs and an evil principal was not his idea of fun, and it couldn’t get much worse when his classmates know he’s from the wrong side of New Orleans and his mother is a stripper. Not to mention his mother makes him wear Hawaiian shirts which are so not cool. Then when he goes to school to find out one classmate tried to eat another classmate, his life takes a very freaky turn. And he finds himself in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and it’s up to him to stop it and get home without getting killed or grounded. Mix in Artemis, goddess of the hunt, possible time travel, gods, demons, the hot new girl named Codie, and certified zombie hunters Bubba and Mark, and you’ve got an awesome story. Now add in the fact that he’s destined to become a god, and lead his father’s army- his father, by the way, is on death row for mass murder. And Codie, who he’s madly in love with, is assigned to kill him to stop him from destroying humanity, and you’ve got the plot of Infinity. 


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