Writing Challenge: Vampires

It’s not a bad story and the first half is pretty darn fun, in a YA-adult romance crossover kind of way. What really killed me was that it pulled a bait-and-switch on me. It promised and delivered me a strong heroine, and then took her away just as things got moving. Meena hangs back. Meena gets rescued. Meena’s heart breaks (a lot). Meena gets held hostage.- The Canary Review http://thecanaryreview.com/2012/12/08/book-review-cabot-insatiable/

This is a review from The Canary Review, one of my favorite places to turn to for good reads. I had already had Insatiable on my reading list because I love Meg Cabot but the review by the canaries made me bump the book up to number one. Knowing Meg Cabot, I thought it might have been an exaggeration, but they actually had it pretty dead-on. The first half was great, especially when they made fun of Twilight. And I could even forgive Meena when she fell in love with Lucien and got a little brainwashed by him because, hey, he’s a vampire, it’s sort of his thing. Also, hanging back in the middle of a vampire war, getting rescued, etc. etc. is also forgivable because she’s a soap opera writer, not a warrior. However, her calling Lucien in the middle of a battle just to hear his voice and whisper sweet nothings does take it a bit far, and she was naive with Dimitri. Meena, for the most part, was a strong character, but she did have some weird anomalies during the later part of the book. But I do a have some hope for the rest of the series- maybe working with (spoilers!) the Palantine Guard will toughen her up. (By the way, this is my guess, but knowing Cabot, Lucien isn’t who she’s going to get together with in the end.) I recommend reading the review by the canaries for a better idea of the book.

But as I was reading the review, and then the book, I was wondering if it is possible to write a good vampire romance- one that’s unmockable, and doesn’t have any of the cliches or usual objections of this particular storyline. So I’m issuing a challenge to all the writers out there to try and write a good vampire romance. Is it possible?

Here are some of the objections:

-age difference

– weak heroine

– sap

– love at first sight

– the fact that the love interest wants to kill the heroine

– sparkles


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