Dreams, Teens, and Mysterious Happenings:Brightest Kind of Darkness by P.T. Michelle

All Nara wants is a surprise for once in her life. After all, when you dream your own future every single night, there’s little that can surprise you, which is how she can be a star soccer goalie, and get straight A’s without practicing or studying. That all changed when she called in a bomb in the early morning and then accidentally touched a super cute bad boy who had just moved there. Then her dreams were gone when she needed them most- when people at her school were getting injured because Fate was getting even.

That’s right- Fate gets pissed off when you mess with him (yeah, it’s a him).

Now Nara has to fight Fate and keep it from killing her with the help of Ethan- the super cute bad boy, etc., etc. Ethan, by the way, is cursed himself, first with absorbing negativity, then a strange tattoo that magically adds detail to itself.

Brightest Kind of Darkness is a quick and light read that’s great for a teenage girl who loves fantasy and, of course, romance.


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