There’s nothing I love more than reading and music, not even chocolate ice cream. So when I picked up Archangel I was a little curious, seeing how it was book with a heavy emphasis on music. I mean, I’m reading it, not listening to it, so I didn’t understand how it could work. Somehow it did.

Archangel elect Gabriel wasn’t looking forward to getting a wife in the first place. But he needed one to lead the entire world in a singing called the Gloria to celebrate their god Jovah and to keep him from destroying the world. His local oracle told him his intended was a woman named Rachel, born on a farm in a small village of Jordana. The less-than-thrilled groom-to-be went to the village and found out that it was wiped out years ago. And he had months to find and marry this woman. Fan-frigging-tastic.

Rachel had joined a nomadic tribe of Edori and grew up with them since she was little. But when she was twenty she was taken and sold into slavery with the rest of her tribe. Five years later, after the wedding of the son of her master, she bumped into an angel who told her she was marrying him. Surprise. Rachel, after five years of slavery, gets pissy when someone gives her an order, especially that one. There was no way in hell she was going to make it easy for him.

With cities where music is always in the air, angels that change the weather with their voices, and the importance put on Rachel’s voice that sends angels into a panic, the emphasis was plain and the music sung was well-described. The book is romantic but done tastefully and it’s an excellent read that’s impossible to put down.


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