Book Review

You know when you think something’s completely impossible and then you’re proven wrong? Like my dad liking Pitch Perfect, or me giving a positive review for a book called New Free Chocolate Sex. Yes, I know.

I would like to point out before I begin that I picked up this book because of a dare, and I had low expectations. Actually, you can guess what I thought from the title. But it turns out that this book was pg-13. The name comes from a saying that the four most successful advertising words are new, free, chocolate, and sex. And one of the characters is the head of a marketing department for a chocolate company. So there you go.

When a successful freelancing journalist investigates chocolate plantations in Africa for a documentary assignment and learns of the harsh conditions (that’s putting it mildly) she seeks out interviews with big chocolate companies to get their opinions on the matter. Even a firm that doesn’t give interviews. After pulling several strings she gets an interview with Matt, the department head for marketing. Matt, who is completely ignorant on the conditions of plantations, has to give the interview after getting egged by protesters that morning and after having it crammed down his throat by his boss. You can imagine how the interview went. To make matters worse, he finds the woman he interviewed narrating video footage of the egging on the new that night. Oh yeah. He hates her.  Only a few days later he’s trapped in a chocolate factory with her for three. Freaking. Days.

Not only is this book funny, but it also sheds a new light on chocolate, a treat that everyone enjoys, but at what cost? It also is a sweet (no other word for it, sorry) book for anyone who likes a fun romance.


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