Treason by S.M. Boyce

Treason is definitely one of the best books I’ve read this month. And not just because the protagonist has the same name as me.

In the second book of the Grimoire Series, Vagabond Kara Magari is trying to accomplish peace between four kingdoms without creating more vagabonds and getting her friend/trainer/love-of-her-life killed in the process. Oh, and she’s doing this with said love and a teleporting pet as her only true allies. Unfortunately, things get a little complicated when it’s revealed that Braeden- the love of her life- is the Heir to the Stelian throne, and son of the man all four kingdoms hate. When the Stelian king steals all of the Heirs it’s only with a sacrifice on Kara’s part and a mission from Braeden that will get them back and end it peacefully- maybe. But they all know a war is coming up, one that will devastate the world of Ourea.

I wouldn’t describe this book as comedy, but there’s definitely a humorous touch to it. And even though it’s fantasy, it doesn’t deal with the generic witches, wizards, vampires, etc., which is refreshing after awhile. Even though the politics rubbed me slightly the wrong way, I knew it was necessary. But aside from the politics and a slightly drawn out romance (her pushing him away, him pushing her away, etc, etc,) it was an excellent story, one I’d recommend to anyone who has a taste for magic


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