A Great And Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray

Show me someone who hasn’t been bullied in middle or high school, and I’ll show you a liar. We all went through it, and a lot of us are going through it right now. For Gemma Doyle, it’s a whole lot worse.

Gemma grew up in nineteenth-century India, despite the fact that all the other respectable girls her age were in boarding school in England- the exact place she wanted to be.

But after her mother suddenly committed suicide, she isn’t happy when they ship her off to the boarding school her mother went to years ago. To make things worse, Gemma has a hard time accepting the strict society rules and the catty girls that are mean to her and her roommate, Ann. Not to mention there’s a mysterious boy from India who claims that his brother died to protect her mother and an unsolved mystery hanging over the school.

Libba Bray tells the story with a rapid and exciting pace, with enough sarcasm to relate with Gemma Doyle. There’s never a boring moment and it’s one of the best fantasy books of all time.

This story is perfect for rule-hating teenaged girls and Jane Austen fan alike.


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