Page Turner: Lust, Money, and Murder by Mike Wells

I have to admit it: most of the self-published books I’ve read just haven’t done it for me. It’s not that they’re completely bad, but they don’t hold my attention. They don’t have that spark that keeps me turning the pages.

You get the point.

But Lust, Money, and Murder by Mike Wells wasn’t one of them. I couldn’t put it down. After her father’s suicide, Elaine Brogan joined the Secret Service to track down the man responsible- a counterfeiter who caused her father’s arrest. After she discovers the man she was tracking down was already dead, she goes to Bulgaria- only to fall madly in love with her new boss. But after secrets unfold and Elaine does some investigating herself she finds out the boss isn’t everything she thought he was.

Wells is an excellent writer with a gift of character development. He shows Elaine as an irresponsible teenager, and how she changes into a mature woman through the death of her father, as well as her father’s love for her that exceeded that of even his love for his wife. The characters are all flawed and completely believable, without a perfect one in there, something that makes a story for me.

He might have made too many guys fall for Elaine though to be realistic. But that’s beside the point.

I’d recommend this book to anyone who loves adventure, and, well, lust, money, and murder. It’s witty, cool, and intriguing. It’s great especially for mystery and espionage lovers.


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