Don’t Let Your Story Be a Dream


Saying your story is like a dream sounds like a compliment, right? But it isn’t. Most dreams are confusing and weird, going from one point to another with absolutely no realism at all.

Here’s an example:

At the beginning of the dream I get a cat and it triggers me ending the world. I don’t know why. But then me and my family discover the cause of a medical condition is the way the Earth is rotating on its axis. So, instead of contacting the proper authorities, we decide to change the way Earth rotates by digging the hook of a tow truck into the dirt at the North Pole. Not ice. Dirt. So I- my twelve-year-old self, that is- controlled the truck and was able to shift the Earth. But I put it back into the atmosphere- which is apparently more like a snow globe- crookedly. And as the Earth rotated, a mountain pierced through the atmosphere, and the world slowly died. I woke up around three in the morning right around the part where everyone was crying and sending me dirty looks.

And even though I was barely awake, I could think of ten scientific reasons why this would never happen. So don’t let your story be a dream; nobody will want to read it.

P.S.: Is this article an excuse to rant about my idiotic dream? Maybe.


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