The Biggest Hollywood Butchery Ever

I have a great respect for Percy Jackson and the Olympians. They’re the only books I can’t read in public because people will think I’m a nutjob for laughing so loud at a book. But I do, because they’re funny, but still serious, and actually pretty accurate to the Ancient Greek myths.

But I hated the Lightning Thief movie. I consider myself pretty laid-back when it comes to liberties movie-making companies make (in the Disney post, I’m not complaining about the changes, I’m just telling people that they’re there). But they went too far in the Lightning Thief. Here are my biggest p)roblems with that movie:

1) They forget to mention the law that the Big Three aren’t allowed to have human kids. This is important because Hades, Zeus, and Poseidon are well-known man-whores and that shouldn’t have changed in the last few millenium

2) Persephone’s in the Underworld in the summer

3) They defeated the Hydra, something that doesn’t happen until book two

4) They had a map

5) They could use cell phones and Skype

6) They cut out most of the adventures in the book

7) They cut out Ares

This is just the tip of the iceberg about what was wrong with that movie. Like I said, a Hollywood butchery. And now they’re making the sequel to it, The Sea of Monsters. The only thing that makes this movie even remotely appealing, is that Nathan Fillion is playing Hermes. Hermes only had a small scene in the book, but apparently, in Hollywood, anything goes. Well, I guess all I have to do is wait to watch it. And who knows? Maybe with low expectations, it’ll be better than intolerable.


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