Harry Potter Vs. Twilight VS. The Hunger Games

For the past few days, ever since the premier of The Hunger Games (excellent movie, by the way, I approve) I’ve been hearing the same arguments and war again and again concerning the last three book crazes. “Harry Potter’s better!”

“No, the Hunger Games is better! It has more action!”

“The Hunger Games is stupid!”

“At least it’s not Twilight!”

“Nothing’s as bad as Twilight!”

“Hey!” (Third party breaks in) “Twilight rocks!”

Oh my word. I have to admit, as much as I enjoy discussions about books, this particular discussion has gotten on my nerves. I love all three series, and I think they’re incomparable. Here’s why I love each one:

Harry Potter: my dad has been reading me these books since I was seven, and I liked them then, I liked them now. As a family, my two sisters and I would sit down on the couch with cups of tea and no-bakes and listen to him read a chapter or two. I liked the movies really well too, and thought all the actors did an outstanding job. Even today with 172 books on my shelf to read (I counted) I still reread them.

Twilight: My sisters introduced me to Twilight, and I read them aloud with my mom. I did have a bit of a problem with sparkling vampires, but it was sort of cool not to see the same thing over and over again (holy water, crosses, sunlight, wooden stake). I liked the thought of an alternate food source for them, and of them living in society instead of living on the outskirts. Again, I thought Bella could be really whiny and dumb at some times, but that aside, I thought they were good. I’ve had a lot of heated debates over who really deserves Bella ( I’m Team Jacob and when a I pointed out to a Team Edward that who wants a sparkling vampire she pointed out that “real men glitter”). Despite what a lot of people think, these books are good.

The Hunger Games: These are the only books that have made be break down and cry at the end. I finished the first one in a day, I pulled my first all-nighter reading the second, and have reread the third. I loved the idea of it, I loved Katniss, and I loved the action. It was the best books for me to read at the time.

Why they’re incomparable: Okay, Harry Potter’s in a league of its own. I’ve yet to see a Harry Potter hater, unlike the other series. Also, it started as kids’ books! Harry started as eleven years old, and it was written for eleven-year-olds, unlike Twilight and Hunger Games! J.K. Rowling grew with her audience, yes, but most of the books were for kids and younger teens. Twilight is a romance. Let’s face it; there’s supernatural crap in it but it’s essentially a romance and shouldn’t be compared to adventure books. The Hunger Games was full of action- without any supernatural crap (all science fiction). It was made for older teens and adults, obviously. A lot more violent than Harry Potter, and just as good in a completely different way! I read Harry Potter when I want adventure, magic, and mystery. I read the Hunger Games when I want fighting, violence, and to get pumped up with adrenaline. I read Twilight when all of my friends have boyfriends and I don’t. They’re not comparable! So for everyone out there who’s locked in the Harry Potter Vs. Twilight Vs. The Hunger Games war: give it a rest and find a new book to read.


4 thoughts on “Harry Potter Vs. Twilight VS. The Hunger Games

  1. Charis says:

    I have finally found someone who’s on the same page as me when it comes to these series. They are definitely my favorite books and movies, but I also hate when people compare them. Its like comparing boys to girls: pointless and upsetting.

  2. beckyday6 says:

    I agree with you completely! I must admit the team Gale or team Peeta thing annoys me too!

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