Interview With The Deities

What do you guys do in your free time?
Alana: Steal, or manage crime.
Helen: Shop. And date guys. But mostly shop.
Sadie: Archery, hang out in the woods, bug Mark. What else?
Mark: Work with animals and bug Sadie.
Tom: Girls

If you were being attacked, how would you act?
Alana: Why would I be attacked? Everyone knows I can kick their ass.
Helen: Is my attacker cute?
Sadie: Kick him where it hurts and run like hell.
Mark: Ignore Sadie. She knows better than to put herself in dangerous situations. I’d call a friend for help.
Tom: Buy him a beer and call it even.

What weapons do you like the best?
Alana: Weapons mean you can be disarmed. Better to go with fists.
Helen: If I have to, I’m pretty good in a knife fight. But why fight, when you can usually convince your attacker to take you to dinner instead?
Sadie: Bow and arrow. Best effective when the arrow head is dipped in lemon juice and salt. And, hello, Mark? At least I can defend myself. You can’t without your animal friends.
Mark: Shut up, Sadie. I don’t have a favorite weapon.
Tom: Swords. Nothing is cooler or better than a sword.

What do you think is human’s best invention?
Alana: I would say music, but let’s be real. Animals invented music. I guess I’ll have to say idiocy, because without idiots, I’d be bored.
Helen: Shopping. Duh! And romance novels.
Sadie: Shirtless guys.
Mark: Who the hell are you seeing shirtless? And that’s not an invention. Best invention ever is animal domestication, hands down.
Tom: Pirates. And books.

Who do you depend on?
Alana: Myself
Helen: Myself
Sadie: Myself
Mark: Myself
Tom: Myself


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