Page Turner: Love Inc. by Yvonne Collins and Sandy Rideout

Love Inc. by Yvonne Collins and Sandy Rideout is a great book for teenage girls, perfect as a present, a book to read on a rainy day, or if you had just had a nasty breakup for that matter. It’s about three girls in high school in Texas who met at Group Therapy and became friends- then they found out that they had all been dating the same guy, Eric (or Rick. Or Rico). And they plan revenge on him that’s so successful, they start up their own business called Love Inc. where they make up, break up, and match couples-for a fee of course. On top of that, they must keep up with their schoolwork, their own love lives, Group, and to keep their parents from finding out the business as well.

Peace-loving Zahra who dreams of her own cooking show, care-free Kali who dreams becoming a singer (and boys) and rebellious Syd who is an excellent graffiti artist form an unlikely friendship that results in bickering, playful banter, and the torment of many a cheating a**. Love Inc. is hysterical, capturing the ups and downs of teenage girl-hood with humorous accuracy. It’s a great light read. The only drawback- Eric/Rick/Rico’s last name is Skinner (come on, people!).


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