Fairy Tales: Non-Disney style

We’ve all watched the Disney classics when we were growing up, right? Cinderella? Snow White? Sleeping Beauty? Aladdin?

You know, of course, that Disney writes its own stuff, adds songs and state-of-the-art CGI to make it exciting for kids. But what are the real fairy tales?

Everyone knows about the Little Mermaid. She dies at the end instead of marrying the prince, right? And then there’s Snow White, where the dwarfs had no names at all. In Peter Pan there was a whole lot more killing and violence than in the movie. And in Aladdin? Come on, they completely rewrote Jasmine.

But one of the biggest ones they changed is Beauty and the Beast. There is no Gaston. Beast does die, but not from murder. Not only that, Beauty’s father isn’t eccentric; he’s a respected merchant. And before you ask, there is no Mrs. Pots, Lumiere, Cogsworth, or Chip (although the castle is enchanted).

So, even though a lot of  people take it for granted that Disney makes the original fairy tale, it’s not necessarily the case. So if you’re a writer who likes to rewrite fairy tales, do some more research and don’t take Disney’s word for it. (You might get sued for copyright laws if you do).

P.S. : I know somebody out there is going to read this and think I’m a total Disney-hater. I’m not.


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